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  • What Is This?

    This is a small web tool which helps you find an IP-Address geographical location. It works perfectly with both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses. All you need is just to enter IP-address in a search form on the top of this page and press lookup button to get information.

    If you just simply visited this website, then, by default, it recognizes IP-address of your computer and tries to determine your possible geographical location. By the way, if you want to share this page displaying a location of some predefined IP, you can put this IP after the hash sign in the URL, for example: http://whereisip.org/#

    If you are looking for more info about your Internet connection you can visit useful website which gives a quick answer on yours what is my ip question. There are plenty network tools which helps diagnose your current Internet connection.

  • What Is An IP-Address?

    IP-address is a unique identification number of a device connected to the Internet. Usually, such devices are computers, laptops, smartphones, touchpads and others. If you want to learn more, read What Is An IP-Address full article.

  • My Location Detected Wrong! Why?

    Because there is no easy way to determine exact geographical location for a specific IP-address at a certain time. All geo-IP techniques only do an assumption of a possible location of a given IP-address with maximum precision up to the city level.

    If you are doing deep research of an exact IP-address location, it could be really difficult to achieve a good result. By the way, here are some useful articles for you to understand the basics.

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    2. Why my location is detected wrong?
    3. Is it possible to find me or another person by IP?


Source Data Error

Given IP-address is invalid!

Try to enter valid IPv6 or IPv4 address and press "Lookup" button.